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Posted: 2d ago. 07 Aug, 2020

[New Client Teaser] - Etiquetas nas backpacks.
🤩 Today's news is a very useful resource to organize your Depot.
🏷️ You can add a label to your backpack to leave everything more organized.
What did you think of the news? Tell us about it!

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Posted: 2d ago. 07 Aug, 2020

We recently announced that our team has been working on a new client for a while, which in addition to more performance, will bring many new features.
Whenever possible, we will announce them in this new box "New Client - Teaser"
🤔What would you like to see in this new client? Leave your comment!

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Posted: 5d ago. 04 Aug, 2020

[Print of the guys 📸]

Today's print is from player THoR-OdInSon "The Quest looks very beautiful, besides, nothing better than completing it with friends! Even better when your friend is the best hitator of all fits".

Did you get it on the Nightmare quest after the remake? Tell us in the comments.

📷 Be sure to send the highlights of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 9d ago. 31 Jul, 2020

[Sixth Generation] It's been a while since we announced the sixth generation, but since the announcement a lot has happened, we have lost important members of our team and had to face many adversities that have appeared on the way. Fortunately, thanks to a lot of effort from our team and the support from our incredible community, we can handle everything and believe that we will be able to finalize the sixth generation project by the end of this year.

In addition to the sixth generation pokémon, we will launch the continent of Kalos, which will be home to these new pokemon. The map is still under construction, but we will bring a little piece of it during a few Fridays, so that you can also get to know a little bit of this amazing place before its launch.

On this new continent, you will find new hunts, quests and mysteries, plus lots of fun. We are working with lots of affection and dedication, so that you can make the most of it.

We know how to wait is difficult and boring, but we are trying our best to make this wait worthwhile and everyone has fun.

Has anyone figured out which place this image belongs to? Tell us in the comments.

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Posted: 11d ago. 29 Jul, 2020

[Print of the guys 📸]

Today's Print is from Chinglling players, Gi the Legend and Djah Rastafari "Congratulations Gi the Legend 😎, captured the rare pokemon Shelmet".

What's the rarest pokemon you've ever captured? Tell us in the comments.

📷 Be sure to send the striking moments of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 12d ago. 28 Jul, 2020

[News] Today Nightmare quest received a remake, not only visual but also in its challenge. Check out what's changed:

- Now there are two portals that lead to the quest, one that can be used by everyone and another that can only be used by players who are at ′′ party ", in which case the party members go to a version of the quest where only them you can enter;
- Visual change, the main quest area has been completely modified, becoming more compatible with new areas added to the game;
- Darkrai Nightmare can no longer be taken to the beginning of the quest using portals;
- The portals, within the quest, no longer appear in the minimapa, which leaves the challenge even greater;
- Statues are present in quest path, they can attack trainers even if they are using a pokemon.

Check out what hasn't changed:

- The requirements to enter the quest;
- The amount of Darkrai and Darkrai Nightmare;
- Final room challenge;
- The prizes.

Have you managed to complete the Nightmare quest yet? Tell us in the comments.

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Posted: 14d ago. 26 Jul, 2020

[World Tournament 2020] Today our eighth World Tournament was held, undoubtedly won by player Lil Alves B (Blue), who did not lose any battle.

Player First Lady ll (orange) came in second place and player jaime vardy V (green) came in third.

In addition to the awards they will receive, Blue World received an invasion from Porygon and Shiny Porygon to commemorate the Tournament's achievement.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, especially Lil Alves B.

We remind you that on August 30 we will have the return of the Monthly Tournament and it is worth a vacancy in the World Tournament 2021.

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Posted: 18d ago. 22 Jul, 2020

[World Tournament 2020] Today we hold the draw that defined the clashes at the World Tournament 2020, check out all the battles in the image.

Who do you think will be the champion? Place your bet at

In addition to the draw, we had a change in the event rules, check out the full regulation:

Eighth World Tournament regulations otPokemon:

ø Tournament Rating:

The following players have a guaranteed vacancy in the World Tournament 2020:
- Winners of the 12:15 and 18:45 Kanto Tournaments from the 11th and 12/07/2020th (4 spots per world).
- The winner of the World Challenge 2020.
- The winners of the Monthly Tournaments.

In addition to these, they also qualify:
- The top alternately placed level and tournament rankings until they complete 8 competitors per world. Rankings will be checked out on the 10/07/2020. th

→ Observação1: Players who are in the rankings but are banned or deleted on the day of the ranking check, will be ignored.
→ Note: If the player who is among the first of the tournament rankings has already secured the spot by the LvL ranking, the spot stays with the next rank.
→ Observação3: The player who is already ranked will be disqualified if they participate in the tournaments worth vacancy on the 11th and 12/07/2020th, the winner of the 12:15 tournament cannot participate in the tournament at 18:45.

ø Duration of tournament:

Day 26/07/2020

ø Awards:

Winning Player Awards: Gamer Notebook
Second-placed player award: Lenovo Ideapad laptop.
Third-placed player award: R$ 1.000,00.
All 8 members (except those who don't participate) from the winning world will win an exclusive addon, meaning there will only be 8 of this addon in the game.

ø Formula of tournament:

(8 worlds, 64 participants)

A draw will be held to define the battle table, this table will be followed until the end of the tournament, and can have confrontation with players from the same world in the first round.

The battles of stage 32 and 16-the final are going to be better than 1 (where those who win go to the next round and who lose are eliminated from the tournament), the next rounds will be better than 3 (3). Where whoever wins two battles first gets the victory, moving on to the next round, and the defeated is eliminated from the tournament), except in the third place competition and in the final, which will be better than 5.
Battles will last maximum of 5 minutes and each participant can only stay up to 60 seconds without using pokémon during each battle.

→ Observação1: The battle table, as well as the tournament time, will be released until the 25/07/2020. th.
→ Observação2: Participants classified for the World Tournament cannot change the character name until the end of the tournament, the participant changing can be disqualified and their world will be disqualified.
→ Observação3: Battles will take place in a special arena, with size similar to Battle City arenas. In this arena, the maximum time each player will be able to run out of pokémon is 60 seconds, after that time if the player runs out of pokémon he automatically loses the battle.
→ Observação4: To participate in the tournament, you need to use a special client that will be sent on World Tournament Day for a better experience at the event
→ Observação5: Rules can be changed until the end of the Tournament, in case of change we will let you know on our website and facebook.

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Posted: 18d ago. 22 Jul, 2020

[Update 🔄] Today we make a new update, to log in, it is necessary to update the customer (to do that just open the launcher), check out what has changed:

→ Revealed the addon World Championship 2020 for Gliscor and Shiny Gliscor
→ Remake Milotic e Shiny Milotic
→ Added fly skills on Magnezone and Shiny Magnezone
→ Legendary Usually Kanto Box with new outfits and chance to get exclusive dolls
→ Bike Box with new effects: Azumarill, Bonsly, Budew, Cleffa, Happiny, Igglybuff, Pichu, Smoochum, Wynaut

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Posted: 20d ago. 20 Jul, 2020

[World Tournament 2020] This Wednesday (22/07/20) we will have the draw of the World Tournament 2020 table, in addition to the table, we will disclose some important information about the Tournament. We await your presence at 18 pm.

Who do you think will be the champion? Place your bet at

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Posted: 23d ago. 17 Jul, 2020

[Print of the guys 📸]

Today's print is from players Chinglling, Gi the Legend, Rafael Keldeo and yJuNiOrB "Another quest completed. This print is from the people who made the quest Lugia".

What's the last quest you managed to complete? Tell us in the comments.

📷 Be sure to send the outstanding moments of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 27d ago. 13 Jul, 2020

[World Tournament 2020 2020 With all the participants set, our eighth World Tournament is getting closer. Y ' all can check out the list of participants in the picture.

This year we will have another news, since the World Challenge, many asked for a bet system for the winner of the World Cup, so we decided to do a super pool in this World Tournament, everyone can participate.

Participation rate is 2 otPoints. The total amount raised will be divided among all the participants who hit the winner.

You can join the pool via this link:
Deadline to bet is until 05:00 (GMT-03) on event day (26/07/2020).

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