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Posted: 7h ago. 21 Sep, 2019

Update 15.06

Adicionado novo pręmio como recompensa da sala 999;
Aumento no stats power do Tropius e Shiny Tropius;
Agora é exibido o tempo restante para iniciar uma task novamente na janela Quest Log;
Remake no Shiny Ninetales desmaiado;
Corrigido: aparęncia do Ledian ao usar o Mafioso Addon;
Corrigido: rustic table aparecendo opçăo ?embrulhar? apenas quando gira.

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Posted: 3d ago. 18 Sep, 2019

[Print of the guys ]

The print of the crowd today is from player Joaolokex "I found this Shiny. Look how cute this little green".

Which Pokémon do you think is cutest? Tell us in the comments.

Be sure to send the highlights of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 6d ago. 15 Sep, 2019

Hello, otpokemaniacos Have you guys helped Ethan today? If not, look for him in fortree.
The residents there thank you.

the task implemented today can be done once a week and is part of a series of tasks that we want to add by the map Stay tuned.

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Posted: 9d ago. 12 Sep, 2019

[New donation option for Brazilians]

we have added a new donation option. Now, in addition to the options by pagseguro, picpay, Paypal and cryptocurrencies, you can also donate using mercadopago.

we have received several requests to choose this option. Thanks to everyone who got in touch.

for the guys who have been reporting problems to donate using pagseguro, mercadopago is a great option.

to donate using mercadopago is many simple. One of the strengths of this app is just ease.

Oh, and if you know a very nice payment option just send it to us.

thanks to everyone who donate to keep our project alive.

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Posted: 15d ago. 06 Sep, 2019

[Print of the guys ]

Today's print is from the player Origins JF FER "The most anticipated Pokémon of the fifth generation and now I finally made him Shiny".

What's your favorite fifth generation Pokemon? How long did it take to capture it? Tell us in the comments.

Be sure to send the highlights of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 16d ago. 05 Sep, 2019

[Contest] Addon Creation

If you have always dreamed of having a Pokémon using an addon that you imagined, your dream may come true. For the first time in our history, we are holding a super contest where lucky three will have their otPokémon addon. So keep reading to find out how it will work.

Functioning of the contest:

- The 3 pokémon image (Drapion, Nidoking and Slaking) will be available here [ ], trainers can use these images to create their addons or make a drawing of the Pokémon with your addon.
- You will have until October 3rd to create and submit your addons, each person can send only 1 addon for each Pokémon (ie you can upload 1 Drapion, 1 Nidoking and 1 Slaking addon or only 1 addon of one of them), the images must be sent to our facebook.
- We will evaluate the addons and on October 7th we will choose the 3 addons that our team judges as the best addon of each pokemon (will be taken into account the details, originality, beauty and if the addon can even be made of that way) and we will release the addons for popular in-game voting for a week (just like in the World Challenge).
- The most voted addon will be created and will be added to Golden Addon Box.

- The 3 winners (1 from each Pokémon) will receive a copy of the addon you created, plus 20 points each.

- Rules can be changed at any time, as well as deadlines and awards.
- Before being added to the game, winning addons may have modifications if our team deems it necessary.
- Our team can choose and add to the game some more addons that were not the winners, in which case the creators of the addons will also get a copy of the addons they created, plus 1 month premium account.
- Don't forget to send your character's name when sending the image.

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Posted: 17d ago. 04 Sep, 2019

Update 15.05

Shiny Crobat

New Shinies:
Shiny Archeops
Shiny Bisharp
Shiny Blaziken
Shiny Bouffalant
Shiny Braviary
Shiny Bulbasaur
Shiny Carracosta
Shiny Cofagrigus
Shiny Dewott
Shiny Ferrothorn
Shiny Houndoom
Shiny Houndour
Shiny Infernape
Shiny Leavanny
Shiny Mienshao
Shiny Monferno
Shiny Natu
Shiny Oshawott
Shiny Pignite
Shiny Samurott
Shiny Servine
Shiny Snivy
Shiny Squirtle
Shiny Stantler
Shiny Tepig
Shiny Torterra
Shiny Xatu

New Addons:
Carracosta and Shiny Carracosta can now use grandpa's beard addon and queen's crown addon addons
New Addon Xatu indigenous chief's addon

New Horde Leaders:
Horde Leader Arbok
Horde Leader Cacturne
Horde Leader Camerupt
Horde Leader Carracosta
Horde Leader Chansey
Horde Leader Claydol
Horde Leader Clefable
Horde Leader Cloyster
Horde Leader Cradily
Horde Leader Dewgong
Horde Leader Dugtrio
Horde Leader Exeggutor
Horde Leader Fearow
Horde Leader Golbat
Horde Leader Golduck
Horde Leader Hariyama
Horde Leader Heracross
Horde Leader Hypno
Horde Leader Jynx
Horde Leader Linoone
Horde Leader Magcargo
Horde Leader Marowak
Horde Leader Nidoking
Horde Leader Primeape
Horde Leader Raichu
Horde Leader Raticate
Horde Leader Sandslash
Horde Leader Tentacruel
Horde Leader Ursaring
Horde Leader Weezing
Horde Leader Nidoqueen
Horde Leader Xatu

Audio in some areas in cities
Improved Emoji and New Emoji Quality
Fly shadow improvement

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Posted: 22d ago. 30 Aug, 2019

[News] Friday came and with her more images of the sixth generation.

Today we introduce Hoopa which is a psychic and ghost type Pokémon. Hoopa can create using the rings on his horns to create portals, which he uses to move through space. What will he ready in otPokémon?

Which psychic type Pokémon is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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Posted: 29d ago. 23 Aug, 2019

[Did you know?] Did you know that you can share experience with a friend? You can enable the experience sharing option at any time (just right-click on your friend's character and activate), but you have to meet some requirements to start sharing sharing, they are:

- You and your friend should be close
- The two must be attacking the same Pokémon
- The level difference between you should not be big (the difference between the levels should be a maximum of 1/3, ie a level 90 player will only be able to share experience with players between level 60 and 120)

Have you shared experience with anyone? Did you already know this function? Tell us in the comments.

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