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Posted: 4d ago. 24 Mar, 2020

[Fragmented world] Thinking about improving your experience even more during the quarantine period, we decided to reopen the fragmented world indefinitely.

As the fragmented world was part of the Christmas event, some changes needed to be made, check out how the event works:

Upon entering the portal located in Saffron, you are taken to a place that arose thanks to a confrontation between Palkia and Dialga, in that place you will find pokémon with the appearance they had a long time ago.

This location was divided into 18 areas, a boss will appear whenever 400 Pokémon are defeated within one of these areas. Palkia or Dialga will appear when 100 bosses are defeated.

The event drops have been modified in relation to Christmas, to preserve the rarity of Christmas prizes, but a new item can be obtained by defeating Palkia or Dialga.

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Posted: 4d ago. 24 Mar, 2020

[Update 🔄] It is always with happiness that the otPokémon team brings new content to players, but we have a aching heart, tight chest.

This update was ready on Sunday the 22nd, that same night we received the sad news that our dear professional and friend Iven Miller, who was courageously battling acute leukemia, left us.
As a respected graphic artist, he leaves us, privileged to know this great example of a person, the legacy of his work. Perhaps due to some coincidence, or some higher will, that same update that was ready on the same day of the fateful news, which our grieving heart refused to send to the players, brings some of our friend's last works, the remake of Politoad and the three new house depots.

In addition to leaving our team orphaned by a great professional and friend, Iven Miller leaves two beautiful daughters and wife, which we want to support in this difficult time, so all sales of house depots for the next few days will be fully passed on to our partner's family.

Our full support and strength for our friend's family!

[Update information] To login you need to update the client (just open the launcher), check out what has changed:

• Activation of the fragmented world event (the event has undergone some minor modifications, such as rewards and will be available indefinitely)
• Politoed remake
• Added surfing ability to Politoed
• Added Shiny Politoed
• Added Horde Leader Politoed
• New House Depot: Zoroark's depot, Scizor's depot and Alakazam's depot
• Added Headbutt skill in Beldum
• Blue Bandana Addon correction used by Shiny Caterpie and Wurmple
• Pirate tapestry offset correction (renamed to aurum tapestry)

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Posted: 7d ago. 21 Mar, 2020

[Monthly Tournament] Due to the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the otPokémon team decided to advance the launch of a system in which we have been working for some time. The system is called "Monthly Tournament" and consists of an inter-server PvP tournament, in modality 1 versus 1.

The tournament will take place on the last Sunday of each month at 16:00 (Brasília time) and will be divided into rounds of battles. In the first round, all participating players will be divided into pairs to battle each other and players who are defeated will be eliminated from the event. When all the battles of the first round are over, the winners will again be divided into pairs to start a new round and it will be so until only one winning player remains.

→ Classification:

In order for a player to register to participate in the tournament, he must meet at least one of three requirements:
- Have won at least one lvl 150+ tournament from Johto throughout the month;
- Have won at least one Kanto tournament during the month;
- Have participated in the group of players of the clan that won the dispute for the Survival Tower Challenge who made the winning score.

→ Registration:

Qualified players can register on the game's website at The registration fee is 2 otPoints.

→ Awards:

The player who wins the tournament will receive the total otPoints accumulated with the registration of all tournament participants * and the right to participate in the next World Tournament.
* A discount rate will be applied before the delivery of otPoints.

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Posted: 9d ago. 19 Mar, 2020

[Quarantine] As is well known, we are all quarantined to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Aiming for a better experience for everyone during this period, we decided to make some changes that will last until the end of the quarantine, they are:

- Capture the flag event: The event will happen daily, instead of just on Saturday and Sunday.
- Insect catching event event: The event will happen daily, instead of being only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
- Safari Zone: Everyone will receive 60 safari balls upon entering Safari, double what they normally receive.
- Rain at Dewford: The rain at Dewford, which allows entry into Quest Storm, will happen twice a day, instead of just once as it normally is.
- Horde Leader: We doubled the chance of a Horde Leader appearing.
- Wild Shiny: We double the chance of pokémon being born shiny.
- Loot: Increased drop chance.

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Posted: 17d ago. 11 Mar, 2020

[Print of the guys 📸]

Today's print is from the player DoN LeAndRo-SwAn "Thank you otP for making one of my favorite shiny pokes ... Another goal completed, pink world".

What is your favorite Pokémon? Have you managed to capture it? Tell us in the comments.

📷 Be sure to send the highlights of your adventures to us.

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Posted: 20d ago. 08 Mar, 2020

[Women's Day] The otPokémon team wishes a happy women's day to all Pokémon trainers.

Great trainers are present throughout the history of Pokémon and also otPokémon. Many are trainers, competitors, helpers, as well as an example of courage and dedication.

Congratulations on your day and never give up fighting!

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Posted: 22d ago. 06 Mar, 2020

[Wiki otPokémon] It is with great joy that we present the otPokémon wiki, a place where you will find lots of information about our game.

Information on quests, events, tasks, systems, minigames and more, all organized in one place. We hope you enjoy it a lot, as we did it with great care and dedication.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of the wiki ([GM] Juarez, [GM] Wrong idea, [Tutor] Diogo Caio, [Tutor] Eu Manjinbu, [Tutor] Pichitinho, [Tutor] Viserion of red), we would not have achieved without you.

You can access it through the link:

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Posted: 23d ago. 05 Mar, 2020

[Update 🔄] Today we perform a new update. Now some TMs can be used new Pokemon, they are:

→ TM20 - Safeguard:
Shiny Raichu
Raichu Fly
Shiny Raichu Fly
Raichu Surf
Shiny Raichu Surf

→ TM28 - Dig:
Shiny Golurk

→ TM46 - Thief:
Shiny Pikachu
Pikachu Fly
Shiny Pikachu Fly
Pikachu Surf
Shiny Pikachu Surf
Shiny Umbreon

→ TM51 - Steel Wing:

→ TM59 - Brutal Swing:
Shiny Raichu
Raichu Fly
Shiny Raichu Fly
Raichu Surf
Shiny Raichu Surf
Shiny Drifblim
Shiny Kingler
Shiny Hitmontop
Shiny Mawile
Shiny Ferrothorn
Shiny Gourgeist

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Posted: 26d ago. 02 Mar, 2020

[Solidarity ❤️] You may have seen NPC Wolven at otPokemon Corp, but you have certainly seen several outfits and pokémon that Wolven made for otPokémon.

Wolven has two beautiful daughters, he is one of the best graphic artists in Brazil, he is someone who is always looking to learn and improve, but today he needs your help.

Iven Miller dos Santos is in need of blood donation of ANY TYPE, in order to continue the treatment of Acute Leukemia.
Donations must be made in his name, at the HU (Prof. Alberto Antunes University Hospital) Tabuleiro dos Martins.

If you are from Alagoas / Maceió and can donate blood, contact inbox.

If you can leave your like and share it will be enough to help the post reach more people.

Thanks in advance,

#ForçaWolven #EstamosComVcWolven

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Posted: 30d ago. 27 Feb, 2020

[Pokémon Day] Today is an important date in the Pokémon world, it is the anniversary of the first games in the franchise (Red and Green). To celebrate this special date, the mighty Mewtwo will appear at otPokémon to celebrate, but celebrate in the style of pokémon, battling with everyone who wants to challenge him.

So that everyone can enjoy the challenge, it will appear on the route between Saffron and Vermilion, a place with easy access and space for everyone. He will show up at 3pm.

In addition, special Horder Leaders will appear, they are: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pikachu. Pikachu has a good chance of dropping the addon inspired by the movie Detective Pikachu. They will show up until tomorrow's SS (5am).

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Posted: 1mês ago. 24 Feb, 2020

[Print of the guys 📸]

Today's print is from the player Rainbow Killer II "After the Pokéhouse system, now this wonderful att has come with the breed system, now my Lax couple can breed, and they have even managed to get their first egg and are looking forward to the birth of the baby Lax ".

Have you ever gotten an egg at Day Care? Which Pokémon was it from? Tell us in the comments.

📷 Be sure to send the highlights of your adventures to us.

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