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How to play

Thanks for the interest, let's learn how to play our Pokémon Online

How to play Pokémon Online

Are you ready for this incredible adventure?

It is amazing how the Pokémon community is growing, there are several styles of games, from Pokémon Minecraft to Pokémon Showdown browser battles.

But otPokémon is different, it is simple yet very social. There are several online trainers every day, the most incredible challenges that require a co-operation, never seen in any Pokémon Online. Because it is an MMORPG, you are the one who creates your adventure, they are diverse challenges and mysteries. You may even have a home. Let's start?

Register and Download

To start your journey you need to first accurately Register, the registration is very simple. In the first part you register the data for your Account , in the second part you create your Character . You are not required to verify email, but for security reasons, it is extremely important that you enter a valid email address.

After registration you need to do the Download and install our game. The installation is very simple and intuitive. Open otPokémon, a launcher will check if there is any update. Now you are ready to begin your journey.

Basic Tutorial

In otPokémon you have the beginning of the journey in your home, which also serves as a tutorial, a small town in the Pallet style. The tutorial teaches what you need to know for its beginning, stay alert in the dialogues, read carefully. At the end of the tutorial you will be taken to the city you selected as the initial. Then your adventure really starts. One tip, it's a lot nicer to play with friends.

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