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Addons Creation
The Contest

If you always dreamed of having a pokémon wearing an addon imagined by you, your dream can come true. We are holding a super contest where three lucky ones will have their addons on otPokémon.
So keep reading to know how it will work.

How it works
  • The image of 3 pokémon (Zoroark, Krookodile and Golurk) will be available below, the trainers can use these images to create their addons or to make a drawning of the pokémon with their addon.
  • You will have until March 23rd to create and send your addons, each person can only send 1 addon for each pokémon (that is, can send 1 Zoroark addon, 1 Krookodile addon and 1 Golurk addon or only one addon of one the them), the images can be sent to our facebook.
  • We will evaluate the addons and on March 27th we will choose the 3 addons that our team judges better for each pokémon (it will be taken into account the details, originality, beauty and if the addon can actually be done in that way) and we will put up the addons for popular vote inside the game for one week (in the same way that it hapens on the World Challenge).
  • The addon that gets more votes will be developed and added to the Golden Addon Box.
  • The rules can be changed at any time, as well as the deadlines and rewards.
  • Before being added to the game, the winning addons may receive changes if our team judges necessary.
  • Our team can choose and add to the game some other addons that were not the winners. In such cases, the addons creators will also gain a copy of the addon they created, in addition to 1 month of premium account.

The 3 winners (1 of each pokémon) will receive a copy of the addon they created and 20 points.