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Since its inception, otPokémon has always brought several events, always trying to diversify to please as many players as possible.

It does not matter if you like to capture or study the Pokémon, to fight alone or in a group, there is always going to be an event that was done thinking about you.

There are many other temporary events and we are always increasing our events, but these are currently the main fixed events.

Daily events
PvP Tournament
PvP Tournaments happen four times a day every day.
Three modalities always happen at the same time, they are:
General Tournament
(It's the Kanto tournament and anyone can join in).
Tournament 150+
(It is one of the Johto tournaments, where only coaches with level 150 or more can participate).
Tournament 150-
(Another Johto tournament, where only coaches with a level of less than 150 can participate).

In tournaments, players are taken to a large arena, where everyone faces each other at the same time. The last to survive is the winner.
Time: 08:45, 12:15, 18:45 e 22:45 (GMT -03:00)
Prize: The value of all entries in that tournament.
Place of registration: NPC Nick (In Kanto) and NPC Antonio (In Johto).
Registration fee: 20 HDs.
Catch Pokémon
Every day a Pokémon is drawn and announced.
After the announcement, for 30 minutes, all the captured pokémon catches are counting towards the event.
Win the one that has captured most of this Pokémon.
Time: 13h and 23h (GMT -03:00)
Prize: 10 HDs plus a random prize, which can be a stone (including boost stone) or an Ursaring backpack.
Location of registration: All online players are automatically enrolled.
Registration fee: Free.
Hit Machine
You will be taken to a test booth. When you're inside, you'll have 20 seconds to try to deal as much damage as possible on Hit Machine, it randomly changes type every 5 seconds.
The winner is the one who deals more damage than the other participants.
You can try as many times as you like, but pay for each trial.
Time: No fixed time, just talk to the NPC.
Prize: The value of all registrations for that day.
Place of registration: NPC Hit Machine Operator, on Join Avenue.
Registration fee: 20 HDs.
Events with defined days of the week
Insect capture contest
In this event you will be taken to a special park, where you will receive 20 Park Balls, this is the only ball that can be used during the event.
The objective is to capture the best insect pokémon of the event.
Time: 15:00(GMT -03:00) (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
Prize: 1st place: Sun Stone, a stone random and a plush of the event (can be Butterfree plush, Shiny Butterfree plush, Kricketot plush or Shiny Kricketot plush). 2nd place: 10 Sitrus Berry and a stone random. 3rd place: 10 Sitrus Berry.
Place of registration: NPC Bug Catcher Garret, on Join Avenue.
Registration fee: 20 HDs.
Capture the Flag
Participants are divided into two groups (green team and red team), each team has a base.
The objective of the event is to protect the flag of your base and capture the flag of the opposing team.
Beat the team that captured 30 flags first.
Time: 10:00 (GMT -03:00) (Saturday and Sunday)
Prize: The winning team wins 50HDs, 100 Greatballs and 100 Premierballs.
Place of registration: NPC Bertolucci, on Join Avenue.
Registration fee: 20 HDs.
Mewtwo Castle
This is an exclusive event for Clans.
It's a PvP event at Mewtwo Castle where one of the Clans must protect the gates and statues of the castle while the other Clans try to invade the castle and destroy their statues.
If the Protector Clan manages to stop their opponents for an hour, he is the winner, but if all the statues are destroyed, the Clan that deals the most damage
Time: 15:00 (GMT -03:00) (Sunday)
Prize: HDs equivalent 2% of all sales of items and Pokémon to NPCs in the last week, free access to the castle during all days, being able to define which are the castle statues in the next battle, negotiate with the NPCs that are inside and being responsible for defending him the following week, in addition to receiving a 10% damage bonus against the pokémon of a chosen type and all its members have a crown next to the name.
Place of registration: NPC Hypnotized Joy, on Join Avenue.
Registration fee: Free registration, but you need to be a Clan member.
Event no fixed schedule
Survival Tower
You will be taken to a tower according to the NPC you signed up for.
Up to 6 players per tower are allowed.
The goal is to get more points than the other towers and get to the top.
The event is divided into 8 rounds, where you must defeat the wild pokémon that will appear.
The winners are the players that are in the tower that has won the highest score.

Extra Goal for Clans:
When two or more members of the same Clan are in the same tower, their score is added to their Clan's score, and on Saturday the Clan with the highest score wins an extra prize.
Time: It happens every 24 minutes.
Prize: Saturday, in Server Save, the highest scoring Clan receives the inscriptions HD of the week and all clan members will have a tower icon next to their name.
Place of registration: NPCs Let, Vic, Gil or Mel, Join Avenue.
Registration fee: The registration fee varies according to your level and you need to be level 150 or more to attend.
Annual Events
World Tournament
The World Tournament is the main event of otPokémon, it always happens once a year and only the best players can participate.
Month of July.
Prize: An item (trophy) is given to the top three placed. An exclusive addon is given to the winner and his teammates. The first two places win a super notebook to take advantage of otPokémon.
World Challenge
The World Challenge is the great holiday event of January, happens once a year, where two representatives from each world face several special challenges.
Month of January.
Award: All participants win the special addon of the World Challenge. The winner also gets a Razer kit.